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Beacon Place is a Center of Excellence, a person-centered agency serving individuals and families. Specialties served include people impacted by traumatic brain injury, stroke, alcohol or other substance abuse, depression, anxiety, disability, the effects of aging or other difficulties.

We are person centered with our staff as well. We are dedicated to maintaining a healthy and positive work environment.

Clinicians provide individual, couples, family and group counseling in a person-centered environment. Licensed Clinical Social Workers, ideally with R designation, Licensed Psychologist (PhD or PsyD), Licensed Mental Health Counselors with experience counseling and/or providing psychological testing people with disabilities (not Limited Permit) should apply, experience with people with traumatic brain injury and stroke is a plus. Participation in any insurance panels is also a positive, though not required to apply.

Beacon Place is an agency dedicated to making a difference to survivors of traumatic brain injuries, strokes, disability, challenges with disability, mental health concerns, aging or trauma and their families. We strive to be a beacon of hope lighting the way as we walk together on the path of progress,

Our core value of person-centered services guides all of our interventions, goals and outcomes working together with our clients as a team to help them succeed. We have several programs and services; some provided in home and some provided on-site.