Odile Psychotherapy Service
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Company Information
Odile Psychotherapy Service, PLLC is a private practice that offers a safe space for men and women of color to process life challenges, learn new skills, and feel affirmed in who they are. Our mission is to help everyone increase their understanding of who they are, learn skills, and provide a safe space where they can feel seen, heard, and validated in their life experiences.

We work with working professionals and students in a private setting, who are passionate and motivated about changing their lives. hus, we are looking for a therapist who practices through a culturally sensitive lens and has a strong understanding of who they are and how race impacts identity, treatment, assessment, etc.

We are looking to hire a Fee-For-Service clinician. We are looking for clinicians proficient in CBT, culturally competent psychotherapy, and group therapy. Therapists will conduct both individual therapy and potentially run groups. All services will be provided via telemedicine.


LMSW/ LCSW, MHC is required and a minimum of 1-3 years of relevant experience in the field (treating adults).
Must have an active NYS license or permit.

Company Benefits
Flexible hours
LCSW supervision.
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