Website : http://www.cbemllc.com

Company Information
At CBEM LLC, our mission is to honor the individuals we serve with developmental disabilities by providing them with behavioral, educational, and mental health resources that result in healthy and productive lives.

CBEM brings lasting, positive changes to the individuals with developmental disabilities we serve, some of whom experience mental illness. Our process begins with observations from which we design a comprehensive plan. It continues on as we teach our clients and their circle of support how to obtain positive, sustainable outcomes.

CBEM provides preventative services, behavioral observation and training, critical situation support through a hotline, and ongoing follow-up support. CBEM believes in using positive programming and intensive on-site support to address the specific and unique needs of each individual.

Company Benefits
--Salaried position + hotline stipend + quarterly bonus potential.
-- We offer Travel/Mileage reimbursement for clinic/client visits.
--We provide orientation trainings to help prepare you for the position (we have 12 different topics that we train on and we like to mix it in with client visits so you get both the information and hands-on piece.)
--As mentioned before, If you are collecting hours as MFT, social work, or PCC interns: we provide 1 hour of group supervision, 1 hour of case consultation, and up to 10 face-to-face hours each week.
--We have a Health and Wellness Reimbursement program which we reimburse up to $50 a month for gym memberships, different activities, and health classes to help promote health and wellness with our team members.
--Competitive employee benefits package. We offer medical, dental, vision, and life on the 1st day of the month, after your start date.
--Retirement 401k plan with a company match of up to 3% after 1 year of full-time employment.