Foster CaseManager (Biligual Preferred)
Unity Parenting & Counseling Inc.
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Post Date: Oct 30, 2019
Job Type: Full Time
Start Date: ASAP
Salary: 33,000 - 44,000
Location: US - Illinois - Chicago
Job Reference: - n/a -
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Primary Work Function:
Under close supervision provide direct services to: children their natural parents and their foster parents. Must be able to demonstrate sensitivity to the service population's cultural and socioeconomic characteristics.
1 Provide case management services and referrals to children, their parents and foster parents which address all service needs.
2 Prepare written service plans in a timely manner with input from stakeholders in accordance agency procedures, create parent/child and sibling visitation plan within 10 days of case opening. Ensure visitation plans are updated as they change in SACWIS and maintained in case file. Visitation plans must be provided to participants and juvenile court. Initial service plans should be submitted to court with 45 days of case intake.
3 Monitor children in placement through face to face interviews in the child's placement on at least a monthly basis for licensed foster home twice a month for unlicensed homes. more if indicated. Ensure all agency & DCFS deadlines are met at initial placement. Ensure sibling and family visits occur and are adequately monitored.
4 Monitor children in placement to ensure that all medical needs are met and that medically related
documentation is accurate and current in conjunction with the DCFS Health works program.
Provide instruction and materials to age appropriate children regarding pregnancy prevention, HIV prevention and general prevention of diseases.
5 Monitor children in placement to ensure that their basic needs such as: nutrition, nurturing
environment, sleeping arrangements, an orderly daily schedule, school activities participation,
basic personnel needs, an allowance, clothing, opportunity for participation in culturally appropriate activities are met.
6 Monitor children in placement to ensure that all educational needs are met to include: enrollment
and attendance in school, attending school staffings and arranging for tutoring, if indicated.
7 Assist the child's foster parent through advocacy, support and technical assistance.
8 Engage the child's biological parents through monthly interviews and provide ongoing encouragement through emphasis on: children's need for permanency, the importance of parental
participation, parents rights, all resources available to assist in reunification. Aggressively provide treatment referrals to the biological parents. Meet with biological parents at least monthly on all cases with return home goals.
9 Monitor children who remain in the biological parent's home on a monthly basis and assist the
parent through advocacy, technical assistance and support services.
10 Monitor and provide services for the special needs of preschool children and older adolescents
who need to transition to adult life including referrals to Life Skills, DCIPP, etc.
11 Ensure that transportation needs of children and their natural parents are met.
12 Prepare for and attend Supervision, Clinical Staffing, Critical Alerts, Pre-ACR Staffings, Case
Management Training, In-Service Training, Monthly Staff Meetings, ACR's and Court.
13 Ensure that all assigned case records are in compliance with DCFS file maintenance standards (AP-5) and accurate and current documentation exists for client contacts, home visits, all items pertinent to the Service Plan and DCFS Cysis Form.
14 Obtain permanent placement outcomes in accordance with DCFS fiscal requirements.

Work Requirements:
Pass a CANTS (Child Abuse and Neglect Tracking System) check.
Pass a Criminal Background check.
Possess and maintain a valid Drivers License and possess safe and reliable transportation.
Possess and maintain adequate Liability Insurance for the vehicle.
Possess a Child Welfare License
Must be able to present official transcript upon hire.

Job Skills:
Ability to provide for the individual needs of children.
Ability to provide help and support for foster parents of children in placement.
Ability to work effectively with parents of children in placement.
Ability to locate and utilize resources for all individuals in the child welfare system.

Contact Details
Name: dilma moran
Address: 600 W. Cermak Rd. Suite#3A
State/Province: Illinois
Zipcode: 60616
Country: United States
Ph: 312-455-0007
FAX: 312-455-0043