Director of Programs & Growth Strategies
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Post Date: Sep 14, 2023
Job Type: Full Time
Start Date: 11/27/2023
Salary: 125,000 - 135,000 USD
Location: US - New York - New York
Job Reference: - n/a -
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As our Team’s Director of Programs & Growth Strategies, you will be responsible for coalescing a cross-functional team of directors to support organizational growth. Your thinking will always be, “How are we creating institutional legacy through impact”? You will lead and coordinate project management of our large-scale events. Working closely with the executive team, Board of Directors, and external partners to develop and execute a bold strategic global-local plan that furthers CCFs mission and goals.

Your primary role will be to lead CCF entrepreneurial synergies, including our fee-for-service and technical assistance initiatives. With social enterprise mindset your role will be to ensure that CCF is a learning organization; one that grows in relationship to its partnerships. Working alongside our Communications staff you will have an external facing role within CCF with a significant, yet to be determined, travel schedule, depending on your location.

In the first week:
Onboard and integrate into CCF
Learn CCFs story, our value proposition, and our vision
Learn about your CCF Team, existing organizational partnerships, and funder relationships.

In the first month:
Learn about our programming.
Have constructed a well-defined framework for how CCF can leverage its narrative to do something, using your cross-promotional teams
Started an organizational program audit spanning five years
Participated in up to 2-3 meetings alongside development staff as a student of their processes
Attended all weekly staff meetings
Be literate in our fee-for-service initiative, particularly, THRIVE

In six months:
Have completed a comprehensive five-year program audit and designed a program and growth strategy narrative of where CCF could be in 3 years, strongly based on cross-functional staff discussions, and executive team interviews.
Presentation to Executive Team, and Board of Directors
Become deeply embedded in the day-to-day operations and culture of CCF.
Plan the agenda for at least two staff meetings, including at least one special guest
Be able to navigate CCFs customized Salesforce database with a basic level of proficiency.
Oversee our Thrive Workforce Sensitivity training
Devised a concept for how CCF can utilize media platforms such as podcasting and other social media programming as a function of our advocacy, brand recognition, and community impact.
Liaised with CCFs communications people to develop and ensure we are using social media as part of our programming and growth strategy.
Fully integrated into CCFs government and nonprofit coalitions, including navigating funding and reporting specifications.

In the first year:
Have added new donor relationships for organizational economic stability.
Designed, revised, and executed orientation of CCF’s new programming and growth strategy.
Co-create at least one cross-functional fundraising/revenue-generating project/campaign
Plan and lead the agenda for at least 5 staff meetings, with 3 special guests.
One of the meetings must have a wellness focus
Have played a decision-maker role in the execution of our strategic planning process

CCF is a remote first-hybrid model, in Morningside Heights, NYC. As a team we have mandated in-office one day per week. This role will require significant travel. The exact percentage of time is TBD.

Proven experience in developing and executing programs and growth strategies within the social impact sector.
Strong understanding of community and social issues.
Excellent leadership and team management abilities.
Strategic thinking and planning skills.
Strong project management skills.
Ability to generate and secure funding from various sources, including grants, donations, and partnerships.
Effective communication and networking skills.

Send resume and a Director of Programs and Growth Strategies specific cover letter to In lieu of a cover letter you may send along an up to 2-minute cover letter in video format. Subject line: Director of Programs and Growth Strategies

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Address: 475 Riverside Drive